Aikido Wimbledon Children Class

We believe, that at Aikido Wimbledon, we have the best children’s Aikido Martial Arts activities and classes. Do you know why? It’s simple…

This day you can find a lot of Martial Arts For Kids To Learn, Including Karate, Judo And Tae Kwon Do, but in the modern age, do you really want to choose way of force and aggression for your child?

Aikido is the peaceful martial art, teaching your children much needed skill of self-discipline, non-aggressive ways to resolve the situations, improving their self-esteem and inner power, while giving them a fun and engaging range of physical activities.

With all classes led by Aikido Headquarters certified black belt instructors, your child will find a new passion and friendly community of peers. At Aikido Wimbledon, we run children Aikido martial art classes to keep lessons fun, interesting, challenging, and more importantly, giving your child a harmonious way to develop and find true life passion.

This is why, we believe, Aikido Wimbledon have the best Aikido Martial Arts classes for your child.

Still think about it?

Come and join our Children Class next Sunday at 11:00 – it’s FREE!

You can find us here:

The Holistic Fitness Studios, Broadway Court, SW19 1RG


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